The Seekers' traditional colors are: dark periwinke with white and red stripes, a silver chest, and black phalanges (hands, feet)


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Other Name(s): Hunter-Seekers, Decepticon Planes
FUNCTIONS: WARRIORS (may be promoted to higher positions)
GROUP LEADER: Starscream (and Cyclonus)
REPRESENTATIVES: Thundercracker and Skywarp
OTHER MEMBERS: Ramjet, Thrust, Dirge, Darkstar, Fallout, etc.

"We are monarchs--the air is our throne."

On Cybertron, Megatron had a number of troops with similar transformations who acted as his air force Collectively, this group shares many traits but were never given a name. The term "Seekers" (short for "Hunter-Seeker") was created to refer to these warriors, though they have also been known as "Triangle Jets" and "Pyramid Fighters," based on their Cybertronian airborne modes in the cartoon. Although the cartoon depicted numerous Seekers, only six have been named. They are Starscream (air commander, F-15/ robot), Skywarp (F-15/robot), Thundercracker (F-15/robot), Thrust (VTOL jet/robot), Dirge (jet/robot), and Ramjet (jet/robot).

Bio: After the Ark crashed on Earth and the Decepticons were reactivated, the unnamed Seekers aided Megatron in gathering the energy he needed. However, they were not seen a great deal after that, save for the ones who remained on Cybertron. Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker, sometimes referred to as the "aerial elite," and the "coneheads" Dirge, Ramjet, and Thrust, often worked together. They frequently helped Megatron by partaking in numerous raids and missions led, more often than not, by their commander - Starscream. The Seekers were exceptional warriors and superb flyers. Most outstanding in the group was the air commander Starscream, who relentlessly pursued a position of leadership, and among other things, created the Combaticons.

Abilities: Although they possess a wide range of weapons, their standard weapons consist of: compressed air rifles, machine guns, missiles, drone rockets, laserbeam rifles, cluster bombs, flamethrowers, and particle blasters. They are traditionally known for having one of two major aircraft forms among others. On Earth, these warriors take on the form of the F-15 fighter (as well as other forms). On Cybertron, their major form is a triangularly-shaped (almost pyramidical) starship. The weapons on each world's major form is almost similar.

Weaknesses: Overall, the weakness that nearly all of the Seekers share is arrogance and cockiness. They will believe that they have control over a situation - battlefield or otherwise - until the point where requesting help has been pulled out of their hands.

I would like to give credit to Stanley Lui's TRANSFORMERS ON-LINE ENCYCLOPEDIA for the [cartoon] bio. For the abilities, most of it was excerpts compiled from Marvel Comics' [US] TRANSFORMERS Universe, using the weapons descriptions of the 6 planes and 3 Triple Changers. If you haven't guessed, the weaknesses are based on assumptions made by looking at the cartoon and comic books they appeared in. In case you also haven't guessed, the new image is one designed by me, with my penciled notes rewritten with LView. (Should I leave them in?)


Thundercracker & Skywarp (circa 4,000,016 years ago)


A set of the "normal" looking guys.
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