Onslaught is the Combaticons' leader and the first Marvel Comics character to wear this infamous name. He is the greatest Decepticon military mind since Shockwave, and even Shockwave finds it "logical" to ask for his advice.


Decepticon Insignia

"The mind is the greatest weapon."

Profile: Perfection is what Onslaught seeks. He believes the key to a mission's success lies in its planning, not in its execution. Thus, a perfect plan virtually guarantees a victory. Onslaught prefers the intellectual battlegrounds of the mind, where he can carefully devise and polish his sinister schemes, to the physical battlegrounds of the war, where events don't always unfold as expected. The four Combaticons under his command consider him aloof, even dreamy, but a brilliant tactician. Typically, Onslaught takes a backseat role in the assaults he plots, choosing to observe and re-evaluate his strategy rather than actually engage in combat. But, when stirred to action, he is a relentless, furious fighter, a terrifying contrast to the reserved thinker he is otherwise. This side of Onslaught's personality comes as a surprise to most of the other Decepticons, but those who understand him know his violent behavior is born out of frustration that his plan didnt work, forcing his involvement, rather than any suppressed lust for battle hidden in his character.

Abilities: In missile trailer mode, Onslaught can reach speeds of 100 mph. His range is 2400 miles. He can launch photon missiles, with a range of 6500 miles. Each missile contains three independently targetable shells, each of which has an explosive force equivalent to 3000 tons of TNT. In robot mode, he uses a sonic stun-gun, which is capable of crumbling a hillside with one blast. He combines with his follow Combaticons to form the giant robot Bruticus.

Weaknesses: Onslaught often puts too much faith in his plans and winds up going along with them longer than he should. Consequently, he doesn't get personally involved as quickly as changing situations might warrant. Electromagnetic interference can impair the accurate targeting and delivery of his missiles.

Strength: 8 Intelligence: 8 Speed: 3 Endurance: 7 Rank: 7 Courage: 8 Firepower: 8 Skill: 9

Personal Note: 1. The Combaticons began as Decepticon renegades who revolted against the Decepticons. After their revolt, they bodies were destroyed and their minds (& sparks) were placed in stasis lock. An exiled Starscream revived them in late 1985 by building their sparks into some scrapped World War II military vehicles he discovered on the Pacific island of Guadalcanal. They agreed to work for Starscream to overthrow Megatron. Finally, they were defeated by a combined Autobot-Decepticon effort. Megatron had them reprogrammed to work for him. 2. It is believed that the Combaticons' reprogramming severely damaged Bruticus' brain and thus left him with a great lack of intelligence.


Behold... GALVATRON!
Galvatron, Decepticon C.O. (late 2005-2???)

Onslaught (could look better...)
A detailed, image of Onslaught.

Still constructing.
"Hun-Grrr, another great general in the Decepticon war machine.

Blackarachnia. Love interest of Silverbolt and possibly as evil as they come.

Shockwave (left). The most revered military operations commander in Decepticon history. However, much like someone who's never heard a Motown song, "he's got no soul."

"Blackarachnia (right). I wish they had one of her around in my time." -- Razorclaw

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