Giganticlaw is the Pre-Beast Wars identity of Polar Claw. At this time (1995) he is the commander of the original (G1) Maximals. The Maximals, a sub-group of the Autobots, were created to counter against the great threat that the (G1) Predacons posed. The Maximals unite to form the gestalt super warrior, Savannius. Giganticlaw's color scheme is currently undetermined, with a close debate between brownish tones and white.



"Retreat, Predacons! A Maximal touchdown's on the way."

Bio (tech spec style): A foot soldier with a hunter's instinct, Giganticlaw is equipped to command front-line infantry battles against the Decepticons. Despite his savage teeth and ferocious fangs, he is not beneath using intelligent means to solve problems. He sometimes formulates strategies like a football coach. He is comprised of two modules: 1 - Giganticlaw, the Maximal Commander. 2 - Chiropsilion, a robotic bat, whose specialties are spying, courtesy of sonar sensors, and aerial assault. Both feel pain if one is injured. In robot mode, Giganticlaw wields a laser-powered 120MM heavy machine gun. This 150 lb. weapon shoots incendiary, sonic and explosive shells. Others (except for his Maximals) have problems understanding his "playbook" strategies. Chiropsilon cannot exist without Giganticlaw. Combines with fellow Maximals to form "Savannius".

Strength: 9 Intelligence: 7 Speed: 4 Endurance: 6 Rank: 8 Courage: 9 Firepower: 8 Skill: 7

Personal Note: Giganticlaw's team of Maximals wear both Autobot and Maximal symbols and combat the team of Preadacons led by Razorclaw.


Optimus Prime, Autobot C.O. (on Earth)

Dinobots in repose. Our predecessors, the Dinobots.

Still constructing. The fruits of a new nation's labors.
The Polar Claw, Dinobots, and Maximal Groupshot illustrations are by Dan Khanna.
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