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"It is I, the Webmaster"

Yep, that's me.

Get to know the guy who is 'binary bonded' to this page.

Ororo Munroe of Marvel's Uncanny X-Men. Autobot Air Guardian Jetfire or Macross's VF-1S Super Valkyrie.

A friend suggested that I should tell people about myself. Seeing as how there are some people on the 'Net whose natures are more "five-sided" than any Quintesson, I shall have to be brief and mildly disclosing about it.

Real Name: In the spirit of discretion, you may call me "Mister J".

I am a 5'10", intelligent black male who played high school football and tries to understand as much as I can about the world around me as I possibly can. I am the most powerful of the mildly-patient capitalists. Depite having a worldly view and an incomparable set morals and ethics, I delight in "capitalizing" on advantages in my path, particularly against those who are foolish enough to oppose me. I am the guy who annoys you because I always know where I'm going (figuratively, and in life) and can count the number of times in a month I've used a map (even in SUPER METROID!). I could identify with Wheeljack, only I've never had anything blow up in my face (literally) yet and I haven't taken the time to invent anything. I also use intimidation as my most powerful weapon and I learned how to use the "second agenda". Although I'm from Memphis, Tenn., I feel most comfortable in Texas, England, or anywhere that isn't (within a 2 mi. radius of) home. I am currently talking to someone very dear to me in Hattiesburg, MS [to those who know me Mississippi is not my favorite state] and she is very sweet. I prefer Blacks, Hispanics, &/or other non-Whites (though I have no intentions to limit myself). If any ladies want to take on the Dark Warlord of Good Looks, my new friend will have something to say about it. However, you're welcome to e-mail me and continue my never-ending supply of "just friends".

To summerize it all, I am like the Technobot Lightspeed, a smart, good-looking guy who easily impresses others. Despite all this, we want to take flight once in a while.

Other interests of mine include The Dukes of Hazzard, The X-Men (& its accompaning titles), Some British Music (Spice Girls, M People,...), Knight Rider, Fine Women, and some things involved in urban design (HOUSTON, TX Architecture, Houston street signs & lights, Automobile & Jet Plane Design, etc.)

Links to X-Men and Generation X sites on the Web as well as descriptions of some of my TF: Alternative characters.

Bengalium, my University of Memphis [new main] home page.
Downshift, a humanoid Autobot.
Desirée, a female Omnibot designed to resemble my best friend, Tracie Brown.
To discover why I have the username I do (Savannius), read all parts of this page.
Here's one of a few decent X-Men Pages
Generation NeXt: A Page dedicated to Generation X, the next generation of X-Men.
A page devoted to my favorite member of Gen. X, Monet St. Croix, better known as "M".
Memphis: Take a look at the city I call (ugh!) home.

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