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The Conquistadores of the 20th and 21st (and other) centuries

Known as the Destrons in Japan, the Decepticons are known for using ruthless and underhanded tactics to achieve their goals. It matters not what planet they call home -- Cybertron or Chaar -- they simply wish to conquer and colonize the galaxy. The Autobots disagree with their political views. In the new theatres of their ongoing struggle -- Earth and Nebulos -- they are forced to play the game by different rules. Should they choose to go by them (or not...) may seal their victory... or defeat. The Decepticons have two advantages over the Autobots: 1. 90% of their members can fly (in robot mode). 2. They have perfected combinatics (gestalt) technology which should make them a formidable foe (that is, if they would choose better candidates, such as the [G1] Predacons). Their greatest weakness is the mass of dissension and disillusion in their ranks. (See "Triple Trouble", TF: the movie, and their descendants, the Predacons in Beast Wars. See also TF (US) #65, #69, #71-72.)


(Generation 1)

Megatron, Decepticon Leader. Is it ever really over?

Galvatron and Cyclonus, leaders of the Unicronian Decepticons
Another image of Galvatron.

Cyclonus (a better image of him, in my opinion...)

Jetfire, a one-time Decepticon (See Transformers #11-12 - US)

Starscream (Treachery never came in a better package...)

Dirge, Decepticon warrior.
Onslaught, Combaticon strategist.
Swindle, Combaticon shyster.
Ransack, Insecticon warrior.
Razorclaw, (All-time) Predacon leader.
Rampage, Razorclaw's follower and overeager protegé.
Predaking. Undeniably the Number 1 Predacon of all time.



Hooligan, a guy whose sick sense of humor is only matched by Skywarp.
Ransack, Decepticon warrior (& overhead photographer).


(My personal Fan Fic series)
Darkstar, a female seeker.
Fallout, a seeker with a radioactive personality.
The Seekers. To learn about what in 1985 were called the Decepticon Planes, click here.


To tide you over until I'm done, here is an image of three wild and crazy guys who not only are good at what they do, but they're really close, too!
(from l to r:) Spectro, Viewfinder, & Spyglass, the segments of REFLECTOR!

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