Darkstar does not have a picture. Simply imagine a late teenage female version of Ramjet (G1) painted oily or jet black all over everything with the exception of her grey face, violet Decepticon insignias, and her scarlet eyes.


Real Name: Shiela Forrest, Darkstar

"Fear is a joy; despair is pure ecstasy."

Profile: As a symbiote consisting of a human and Darkstar, a female Decepticon warrior, (with a Ramjet-like body shell) Darkstar has made herself a name to be feared among the Autobot ranks. Before bonding with Sheila Forrest who is the Autobot Carozyne's adversary, Darkstar was a female Decepticon who was mistaken built into a male Decepticon's body by the Ark. Upon meeting her human partner, Darkstar gave the woman instructions to reshape and repair her mishaps to that of an anatomically correct Cybertronian female. Later, the two merged mind and body after Sheila discovered the true identity of Carozyne. She is attracted to the Decepticon warrior Dirge, who is known for his reputation of causing fear (even more so than Darkstar). Projecting fear and despair makes her happy, which is why it can be assumed that they are perfect for each other. Though she has her ladylike qualities, Darkstar would rather enjoy being known as the "Grim Reapress" or the "Goddess of Phobias." For this reason, Autobots and Decepticons alike must keep an optic sensor on her.

Abilities: In jet mode, Darkstar's engines tend to send an almost subliminal message of fear to nearly any machine or human. For the unfortunate soul who looks up at the underside of her avian form, a series of lights and beams create an instant hallucinogenic effect which, added with a dark hue, immediately drives her victims to believe they see their worst fears and occasionally, they fear her the most. She can reach a top speed of Mach 2.8 and has a range of 2000 miles. She also carries two air-to-air missiles and two laser beam rifles. Being bonded to Darkstar, the human portion (Sheila) has skin and bones that are 12 times stronger than before. In robot mode, she can use her eyes to give cold stares that produce spine-tingling (circuit-tingling, in the cases of robots) effects that have even phased Cyclonus and Megatron.

Weaknesses: By bonding with Sheila, Darkstar experiences new emotions as well as new vulnerabilities such as being prone to heat (above 305F) and cold (below -148C). They are also prone to electricity above 26,000 volts.


[Decepticon Symbol]
The Decepticon Insignia

Isn't Dirge the 'cutest' thing? Dirge, Darkstar's beau

Starscream, her C. O.

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