Broadcast is an Autobot Telecommunications expert who works mostly on Cybertron. His body mostly resembles the body of Twincast, the 2-cassette carrying version of Blaster. One major difference is that Broadcast's legs have 2 sets of speakers instead of one. His color scheme is as of yet undecided.


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Profile: Broadcast is a former athlete turned disc jockey. Most people wouldn't notice since he seems so comfortable with his position. He is simply a guy who works hard, makes it look simple, and tries to be his best at what he does. This was true when he one of Iacon's top baskettrek (Cybertronian equivalent of basketball) players. As a D.J., he seemed comfortable broadcasting almost everything his producers gave him ("almost" meaning everyone has their limits). As an Autobot telecommunications expert, he is exposed to more than only what his athletic teams or his radio station could give him. He enjoys the time he spends on Earth. He is forever a sports fan, but also gets a kick out of 1990's pop culture - rap and rhythm & blues - and finds dance and pop music from all over Earth entertaining as well. His greatest secret is that he enjoys classic radio serials and talk radio, but they cramp his style too much to tell his public. This smooth-talking Autobot is also a tough fighter who is capable of "...bein' able to throw down..." when he feels like it, but he is better known for promoting "on-the-street peace", because he dislikes watching humans (or Cybertronians) batter and kill themselves in non-combat situations.

Abilities: Broadcast can assume the form and shrink to the size of an AM/FM stereo cassette deck. In addition to performing the normal functions of a deck, he can receive TV and radio signals for all frequencies. He can detect signals with power outputs as weak as a microwatt. His ability to transmit radio signals up to 4,000 miles makes him the communications center for the Autobots. In robot form he carries an a neutron degenerator rifle (like that of Downshift's), which shuts down a robot's power core for 1 minute. In theory, the gun should stop or severly slow down any neutrons in an organic lifeform, but Broadcast has never - and chooses not to - faced an organic opponent.

Weaknesses: Broadcast selected his "boom box" mode for its unusual appearance. The drawback in this is that though few Decepticons would notice, he draws a lot of attention from humans, some of which would try to "steal" him, blowing his cover &/or interrupting his mission.

Strength: 9 Intelligence: 8 Speed: 4 Endurance: 8 Rank: 7 Courage: 9 Firepower: 7 Skill: 9.5

Personal notes: Broadcast's creation and concepts were originally thought up in 1987, long before I knew that Blaster's Japanese name was Broadcast or knew that there was a Twincast. However, I misplaced the original drawings in the same decade. The Soccertobots were drawn the same year, but thought up in 1986.


Generation X member Monet St. Croix, a.k.a. 'M'.
"M", my favorite Gen. X character.


Autobot allies drawn by Dan Khanna.

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