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Setting: A warm day in the late spring of 1990.
The scene is an empty race track in the later part of the day. There is no one except for the 2 lonely security guards here. In fact, the place just looks deserted. Then night falls. Several delivery trucks show up, dropping off supplies to various places at the motorsports park. Working quickly through the night, they deliver gasoline and other fuels to fuel pumps, food and souvenirs to concessions stands, and toiletries for the public restrooms. This goes on for several hours. Finally, in the morning, the place fills up with spectators. As they rush in, the silence is finally broken.

"Greetings, race fans!" shouted an anouncer. "Welcome to the Second Autobot Run! As some of you may remember, the first Autobot Run was held 5 years ago today. I'm hearing a lot you wondering who won. Because of the dusty conditions, the cars kicked up so much dust that no one knows who won, although I heard rumors it was Sunstreaker, Jazz, or Mirage. By the time the dust cleared, all the Autobots who attended had stopped on a dime past the finish line. With me is Eject and two participants of the last race, Ironhide and Trailblazer."

"That's Trailbreaker," said Trailbreaker.

"Sorry about that," replied the announcer. "Anyway, the last program came to a halt when the Decepticons attacked the speedway and abducted all 12 participants. Let us hope that doesn't happen this year."

Meanwhile at the Decepticons' undersea headquarters, Starscream, Megatron, and several other Decepticons were watching a telecast of this race.

"This is our cue," shouted Starscream. "Ramjet, Skywarp, Dirge, prepare to move at once!"

"You will do nothing of the sort," bellowed Megatron.

"What? Why not?" asked Starscream.

"Because, you fool," replied Megatron. "Swindle has convinced me to bet on the race. As such, no assault is being led on the motorsports park. If there was an attack, the Autobots would detect us (or any agents we send) and leave their games to fight, or whomever I bet on might be damaged."

"Who did you bet on mighty Megatron?" asked Starscream. "Which Autobot greyhound did you pick?"

"Who says I bet on an Autobot (or a greyhound for that matter)?" replied Megatron. "I have special agents entering this race to bring it into my favor."

"Surely you aren't referring to those infamous four-wheeled show-offs, the Stunticons?" "No. Despite the fact that no Autobot can compete against their vehicular prowess, they're too easily recognized. Even if their vocal processors were disabled, the Autobots could still identify them from a mile away. I am enlisting two special agents for this mission. They aren't Stunticons, but they'll make sufficient substitutes. Battlechargers, show yourselves!" Instantly, A black Lotus Esprit with red tinted windows and a white and gold Pontiac Firebird drive into the room, then transform to robots in less than a second.

"Runabout and..." began Runabout.

"...Runamuck reportin' for duty." finished Runamuck.

"Since it is their first visit to Earth," continued Megatron. "and because they were created long after our departure, none of the Earthbound Autobots will recognize them. As you can see, they are able to transform in about a half of a second, which is why they are called the Battlechargers. They also haven't been registered for any event that calls for them to transform. This should allow them to maintain their disguises as Autobot racers. Head for the speedway, Battlechargers. You're almost late for the race."

The two Decepticon quick change artists take off towards the elevating launch tower.

"While they leave," said Megatron. "let us continue to watch."

The remaining Decepticons in the room continue to watch TV coverage of the Autobot Run. The announcer and his Autobot co-hosts are still speaking amongst one another.

"...and you seriously believed you two older guys had a chance against the more, performance car-level Autobots?" asked Eject.

"Any why not?" replied Ironhide. "I may be old, but I had his (pointing at Trailbreaker) butt tryin' to play catch-up." "ANYWAY," interupted the announcer. "so you folks at home know what you're in for, the Autobot Run consists of a traditional car race, stunt jump competition, and several other demonstrations of automotive trickery."

"Don't try this at home, folks," said Trailbreaker. "because your car probably couldn't do it anyway!" "Now to introduce our participants," said Eject. "Because of the large increase in the number of Autobots since the first Autobot Run, the officials have decided to limit this race to those of us who change into racing vehicles sanctioned by the world's top racing circuits. Here are the Autobots whose vehicle modes are open-wheeled racers."

The first group of Autobots march onto the track in lines of twos, stop in their designated starting positions, then transform into a collection cars designed for Formula 1 and Indy Racing League courses.

"In this group," continues Eject. "we have Mirage, Fastlane, Goalkeeper, Slapdash, Leadfoot, and Double Clutch."

"What's the deal with Leadfoot's engine?" asked the announcer. "Oh, he's just packin' a turbine-powered motor designed by that Decepticreep Thrust," answered Ironhide.

"Doesn't Goalkeeper look like another racer I've seen?" the announcer asked again.

"Yeah," answered Eject. "his design is a modified version of McLaren's. Now here come the stock car group. This is any Autobot who turns into something you've seen before with a number painted on the side. In this group are past contestant Jazz, Wheeljack, Smokescreen, Westside, Midfielder, Flankwatch, Rapido, Kickoff, Getaway, and others."

This decently sized group followed the same pattern as the F-1 Autobots and take their position which is in front of the Indy cars. Finally the last group comes out.

"Last, but no means least, here are the Special Groups guys. These guys turn into other types of race cars other than the traditional 2 kinds. Some in this group are street legal Autobots who passed the tough requirements of the professional racers. In this group are, return racers Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Windcharger, Prowl, and Cliffjumper, and newcomers Eastside, Roadhandler, Freewheeler, Backstreet, Tailspin, and many others..."

Skipping to later in the story... "We're ready to start the race, sports fans," chimed the announcer. "Gentlebots, start your engines."

After the immediate roar of car engines, the announcer began his countdown.

"... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... ROLL OUT!"

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Solar Phœnix, a really fine sista who you really, REALLY don't want to call "high yellow".
Cardiac, an Autobot surgeon whose specialty is human medicine.
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