Cybertron... and Earth's greatest heroes.

Known as the Cybertrons in Japan, the Autobots are known for their method of minding how other species/races are affected when they fight their civil war off-planet with the less compassionate Decepticons. If they can avoid it, they strive to keep the casualties tolls only on their enemies' sides. In the newest theatres of their ongoing struggle -- Earth, Nebulos, & Junkion -- this is stressed more than ever. They can only hope that no humans are harmed due to their decision to crash-land on the then uninhabited(?) Earth (See (Marvel) Transformers issue #1 - US or "More Than Meets The Eye" - Pt. 1).


(Generation 1)

Optimus Prime, the Abraham Lincoln of Autobot Commanders

Fortress Maximus


Hot Rod


Metroplex, the living embodiment of Autobot City.

Nightbeat, Autobot detective.

Lightspeed, Technobot phenomenon.

Autobot Sub-groups.



Hubcap Windbreaker


(My personal Fan Fic series)

Minerva, An Autobot/Cybertron Headmaster.
Autobahn Lee, Autobot general on Cybertron.
Cumulonimbus, Autobot administrative director on Cybertron.
Broadcast, Autobot Telecommunicator.
Overdrive, Omnibot warrior.
Desirée, a female Omnibot (an all original character)
Solar Phoenix, another Omnibot (this one made up as well)
Cardiac, an Autobot surgeon (body shell not original)
Urbaneise (pronounced like "urbanize"), Autobot law enforcement.
Giganticlaw, leader of the Maximals, an [G1] Autobot sub-group(?)
Talondres, [G1] Maximal falcon.
Arman Kylo, [G1] Maximal ankylosaurus.
Razorbeast, [G1] Maximal razorback.
Lightnynx, [G1] Maximal lynx.
Savannius, [G1] Maximal gestalt.

To tide you over until I'm done, here is an image of the greenhorn-ish X-Man who opened a can of "whoop ass" on Gladiator, CANNONBALL!

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Special thanks goes to the creator of Max's Transformers 2001 for the comp.-generated images of Hot Rod, Cyclonus, & Jetfire.


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