Issue (episode) #4

Story by James Jackson

Of all the noble, unsung heroes of the Autobot army, None of them may be so remembered as the Uncanny Omnibots.

Persecuted for their humanoid appearance, Overdrive, Downshift, and Camshaft, among others, were known as mutants. Oppressed by Decepticons, neutrals, and even Autobots, many of these mutants went into hiding in camps. It was said to be about 37,500 camps at one time. Several hid within the general populous by wearing suits of armor that made their transformations much less organic.

One day, practically without warning, the trio's camp was discovered by Decepticons.

["Instruments of Destruction" by NRG playing in the background.]
"Decepticons," called out Bomb-Burst. "Plunder and eradicate!"

At that point, about 160 Decepticons including Iguanus, Storm Cloud, Whisper, Apparition, Chop Shop, and the bounty hunter, Desert Thunder launched an attack on the helpless encampment. Humanoid Cybertronians were seen fleeing in every direction, although very few of them got anywhere. Within 40 minutes, the small village was completely ransacked and obliterated. Desert Thunder then finished the job by blowing the mess about with one of his trademark sandstorms. None of the mutants were seen or heard from again. Those who weren't touched by this were Downshift, Overdrive, and Camshaft, since they were out with four friends, three of which were also mutants from the same community.
[End playing of "Instruments of Destruction."]

After returning to the damage, all seven of them were outraged at the destruction. Words could not define what they were feeling at the time. Overdrive, and the other five wanted to avenge their friends' deaths. Their non-mutant friend was a highly-ranked Autobot named Cumulonimbus who wanted to help them in their quest. He enlisted them as Autobots and decided to develop the men into a subgroup called the Uncanny Omnibots. He chose this name due to their genetic difference, the fact that they would protect all forms of life (omni- is Latin for all), and their new suits would contain more than one vehicular form (1 Earthen, 1 Cybertronian). Cumulonimbus, or Cumulus for short, got the idea of the name from Earthen comic book research of the present year (1984).

Downshift was made the leader of this new contingent of Autobots and given the Earthen form of a 1983-1985 Toyota Supra. His girlfriend Solar Phœnix seemed quite pleased with this accomplishment.

Overdrive was to be a warrior for the squad whom, with over 65,000 other Autobot warriors, had a high potential for promotion among others in warrior-class. He could now transform into a Ferrari 308 and his telekinetic powers were amplified. He seemed to like a girl named Desirée, who was one of the six survivors (In his own words, "That girl is crazy fine"). He also had a passion for African-American culture and Earthen Rap music.

Camshaft was a man between 18 and 26 Cybertronian years (a time unit that has been simulated since the planet was shook from its orbit, and then restored a year ago.) whom even the mechanoid Cybertronians called obese. Camshaft was once known as Cambridge Shaftwind, whose mutant ability to alter mass and gravity made him a brilliant scout by making his steps silent. His swashbuckling sense of humor brings a sense of humor to the group. He transforms into an RX-7 that bore a weird similarity to an early 80's Corvette.

"Hey," shouted Solar Phœnix. "What about us?"

"Don't worry, miss," replied General Autobahn Lee, another Autobot officer. "We wanna make sure things are successful wit' the guys, then we'll get y'all suited up."

"C'mon, girls," responded Chronicle, the sixth mutant. "I'll take you to a place that'll get your mind off things."

And with that, a time portal opened up in the middle of Autobase and the Autobot-sized women went inside. It soon closed behind them leaving a bewildered Perceptor, Beachcomber, Swerve, and Gen. Autobahn.

At that point, the Omnibots were sent on their first mission with the Autobots Pointblank, Forecast, Gunrunner and Sky High. They were sent to prevent a Decepticon legion from advancing on a virtually unprotected town in Dallasium.

"So what's the plan?" Gunrunner asked. "There must be some tremendous plan behind this otherwise you wouldn't have chosen m-me to join you."

"Actually my plan isn't that major," replied Downshift. "Pointblank's here to direct, Forecast to monitor our progress. I select you two because most Decepts that I know of are either Seekers, or some other kind of flying apparatus. Overdrive and I can fly, but that's not good--"

"D," said Overdrive "I know you didn't wanna pop out wit' the Earth forms yet, but to hide our aerial secret until later, what say you and I transform to 'robot mode' and let them believe Sky' and Mr. Insecurity are all we got? Just a thought, m'man."

"You know Ove'," replied Downshift. "that ain't a bad idea. You do know you're good at this strategy stuff, right?"

"Whatever, D."

In 20 minutes, they had made their way to Ciudad Chrysleron, one of the largest cities of Dallasium. From his telesconoculars (Tuh-lé-sco-NOC-u-lars), Camshaft could see that the Decepticons were only minutes away. They quickly moved many of the townspeople into hiding so they could without as many concerns. Others stayed on Chrysleron's dusty main boulevard to watch the showdown, as they usually did for years. Soon came a squadron of 15 Decepticons, a small, easily overwhelming number consisting of Banzai-Tron, Bludgeon, Apparition, Ballade, Thunderwing (then only a Seeker), Snapdragon, Sub-Marauder, Gutcruncher, and three other Seekers along with 4 Sentinel Drones. For about a minute, there was silence.

Immediately afterward, the silence was broken with Pointblank's call of "Autobots, transform!"

At that point, Pointblank, Sky High, and Gunrunner transformed into their robot modes. Forecast chose to wait in Pointblank's cassette deck until he was needed. The Omnibots, who were tending to the citizens, also chose to wait. The Sentinel Drones were easy enough to take out, but they suffered heavy difficulties trying to combat Snapdragon, Sub-Marauder, Ballade, and Gutcruncher, the toughest of the group. Finally, Apparition succeeded in cutting off outside communication so that the four Autobots could not receive reinforcements.

Pleased that they had accomplished this, the Decepticons were surprised when they saw three defense vehicles drive up. Bludgeon thought, how could this be when we just vanquished Autobot Communications?

["(I've got the) Power" by Snap playing in the background.]
At that point, Downshift's battle cry of "OMNIBOTS, TRANSFORM!" could be heard by everyone within 5 miles.

"Omnibots?" asked Thunderwing. "What on Cybertron are Omnibots?"

The Omnibots respond by directing a barrage of fire (from standard Autobot weapons) at Sub-Marauder, Gutcruncher, Snapdragon, and Ballade. Since the first three were pinned down, Ballade responded by using his specialized multi-cluster bombs. When the smoke cleared, the three mutants were still there (thanks to Overdrive's TK force field).

Overdrive laughed and seriously told the four "You may leave now."

However, with Camshaft holding them to the street with his gravity-altering power, that was not an easy task. As the three walked closer, Ballade became paralyzed with fear. Nobody ever survived (in one piece) a direct hit from his cluster bombs. By the time they reached him, His entire system crashed (the equivalent of a humanoid fainting!). After this, Camshaft let the others loose. All but Snapdragon took off like supersonic rockets! (Snapdragon tripped.) While the Autobots tried to deal with the Seekers, the martial artists, Banzai-Tron and Bludgeon.

After bowing to the Omnibots, Banzai-Tron went to tell them "You may surrender now," speaking as if he had a translator dubbing in his speech.

"You bloody fool!" Camshaft shouted. "That was our line!" He continued to respond by ducking his head down and firing a missile at Banzai-Tron.

After that, the five warriors got into battle stances. Downshift made a motion, and three images appeared to his left in the Decepticons' eyes, and one more to his right. When this, or something similar, occurred before, Bludgeon would simply aim for the center image. After trying three times to cleave the Omnibot leader with his samurai sword, Downshift nailed him with a (or five?) plasma cannon shot. Overdrive took care of the other with several Telekinetic Force Beams to the stomach, back, head, and butt.

"Was it good for you?" remarked Overdrive, pretending to smoke a (Cybertronian equivalent of a) cigarette. "It was for me."

Finally, Camshaft delivered a knockout punch to Banzai-Tron "for bad script-reading."

Suddenly, Snapdragon surprised them by appearing in his dragon mode.

"Rraaaarggh!" shouted the giant silver beast.

"Oh, shut up!" replied Downshift using, his micropathic powers.

As he said this, Snapdragon simply shut up, with his mouth half open. In fact, he froze there, with a strange look on his golden eyes.

"Hold that thought, S.D.," said Downshift as he performed a ninja jump. He landed on top of the pyramid-shaped Seeker that was about to get the drop on Forecast and Pointblank. He then drove it towards Forecast.

"Forecast, O.D.," he shouted. "Think you can take a problem off of my hands?"

"No prob., D," replied Overdrive.

Downshift then jumped off the aircraft back over to a stupefied Snapdragon. As he did so, the small communications aide and mutant warrior sprayed the Decepticon with cone-shaped shells, electronic weapons, and gas grenades loaded with air freshener. (The smoldering jet engine smelled a bit on the putrid side.)

"Do my nasal module a favor," retorted Overdrive. "Get outta Chrysleron."

Downshift then turned his attention to the mind-trapped Decepticon. Downshift removed his faceplate and blew on the Decepticon. He fell over as if he were a toothpick.

"Decepticons," called Apparition. "Retreat! Nothing on Seibertron is worth this much punishment!"

"And stay gone," shouted Forecast.
[End playing of "Power."]

"Well, how'd we do?" asked Downshift.

"Great!" answered Sky High. "I've never seen anyone take on a Metallikato expert like that!"

Immediately, the townsfolk came out of hiding, and started to celebrate with the Autobots. Gunrunner began to (almost) blush from all the attention.

"Well, the honeys are cuter in Dallas'!" exclaimed Overdrive.

"Yeah," said Downshift. "but you have one we need to return to, right away."

Meanwhile, the girls of which they spoke were on a tour of the planet Earth, in the year 1995.

"While were here," began Chronicle. "I thought we should look for Earthly vehicular modes for our new body camouflage. We can't afford to go everywhere we wanna, ‘cause I don't have my reduction device with me. Anyhow, I'm taking to several car lots in order to have y'all collect some ideas."

"Aren't we 11 years ahead of where we left?" asked Desirée. "How the Autobots going to build somethin' that ain't been made?"

"That would be why I brought this complete analyzation camera," answered Chronicle. "It will analyze every corner of the subject to produce some detailed blueprints and a color scheme, if you want it, of the machine/animal of your choice."

While sneaking around car lots, Solar Phœnix and Desirée got some ideas of what they had in mind. Solar Phœnix decided upon one of four different years of Pontiac Firebirds (1986-90). Desirée decided on a brand new Lexus convertible. Chronicle, unfortunately, couldn't come up with any ideas.

"Oh, well," Chronicle sighed. "Let's head back to Autobase."

After creating her time portal, Chronicle followed the other two women inside. During the journey, some sort of disturbance interrupted their transportation and only Solar Phœnix and Desirée reappeared in the war room in Autobase. Chronicle was no where to be found.

"Where's your other friend?" Swerve asked.

"We don't know," blurted out a shocked Solar Phœnix.

"What's going on?" asked Broadcast, an Autobot communications aide. Behind him was General Autobahn Lee, Cumulonimbus, Crosshairs, Nightbeat, Westside, and Midfielder.

"Chronicle, the mutants' time traveling friend, didn't come back from their junket in the future with them," answers Perceptor.

"Phœnix, all I can suggest is that we wait," said Cumulonimbus. "If she knows what she's doing, she back any seco--"

During his speech, the Omnibots just returned from their mission, with news of a success. They were ready to give the girls their chance to join. At once, mecha-suits are created using their new-found information. This occasion brings geat sorrow since Chronicle was lost taking them to assimulate their new outfits.

Suddenly, a time portal opens in the ceiling. Out of it falls a half-naked Chronicle and a body-shell appearing to have come from one of the Sweeps (of 2005).

"Chronicle, what happened to you?" asked a concerned Camshaft.

"After a time travel disturbance," Chronicle began. "I was thrown in the middle of the year 2005, at the very moment that something (I can't say) would change all theatres of the Autobot-Decepticon War. I encountered 7 new Decepticons, born out old. Before any one of them noticed me, I destroyed one and took its body with me back to the present. I thought it would make a nice starting point for my new body shell."

An hour later, all three of the women's mecha-suits were complete. After trying them on, the female Omnibots looked as formidable as the males.

Solar Phœnix, who would lead the girls, was being trained to become a great saboteur. She wouldn't need much help since her unfocused electromagnetism power could rip apart a large city. (Her unfocused E.M. power was also strong enough to put a metal-surfaced planet like Cybertron at risk.) She transformed into a marron Pontiac Firebird with racing numerals (that matched her chest size...).

Desirée, now transforming into a wild watermelon-colored Lexus luxury convertible, was to become a special operations expert. With her strengths being in her energy projection power and speed, this was not a major problem.

Chronicle, who built her suit out of a Decepticon Sweep, was to be the teams archivist, among other things. With few limits on her time traveling powers, she could perform that job or rescue the team anytime it was necessary. Her suit transformed into what it looked like - a speedboat. From this it turned into an interstellar spacecraft.

"I forgot to ask you this, Cumulonimbus," Downshift began. "But what do comic archives from a distant planet have to do with our team and its uniforms?"

"Simple," Cumulonimbus replies calmly. "I am trying to pass you off as Cybertron's newest superheroes. Do you know about the Soccertobots?"

"Yeah. Who doesn't know about Flankwatch, Midfielder, Eastside, Westside, and their leader, Goalkeeper?"

"Well, they too are organized in the same fashion. These former athletes were also developed into Autobot heroes courtesy of comic book archives and additional sports trivia, thanks in part to Eject and Rewind."

"Does this really work?"

"All I know is that it's certainly something that no Cybertronian has ever considered - the Uncalculated or the Human Factor.

Over the course of two weeks, the Omnibots were sent on eight missions, three of them solo. They were starting to enjoy their jobs too much.

"Is this just me," said Desirée. "or is this *@%# getting too easy?"

"I have to agree with her," commented Jackpot, an assisting Autobot. "I certainly wouldn't bet on it."

"So what does it mean?" asked Camshaft. "What do we do?"

"Until we figure out what to do," replies Autobahn Lee. "we keep moving."

5 miles down the road, two figures stood in their way. One was black with a red trim that matched his eyes. The other was white, with enough gold paint down his arms to match the amount of fake gold worn by an Earthen disco dancer. Both sported high-performance racing tires on their fenders. Joyride had seen these two before. They were Runamuck and Runabout, the Battlechargers. These delinquents/psychopaths would terrorize passing ground vehicles, steal what they could, and destroy what was left of their victims. As he and the others wondered their fate, a lone silhouette appeared in the distance. Suddenly, he fired 4 rounds of heavy laser fire at the crooks. As the Autobots wondered what was going on, Autobahn barely managed to utter out the cloaked warrior's name.

"T-The Laser Rifleman!" Autobahn choked out.

"Who's he?" asked Downshift.

"He's a mysterious symbol of law and order in Dallasium," replied Gen. Autobahn. "No one knows why he does what he does, but everyone's always grateful...`cept the bad guys. Anyway, let's keep movin'."

They continued on and found a strange site. They watched a sandstorm appear in the middle of a mountain range. The Autobots took cover behind a moutain and watched the huge whirlwind roll by.

"Isn't that strange?" asked Broadcast, who was sitting in Overdrive's passenger seat. "That sandstorm poppin' up where there's very little sand."

"Yeah, BC," replies Solar Phœnix. "it gives you a lot to think about."

Meanwhile, back at Autobase, the Soccertobots are practicing in a 5 sq. mi. rec room attached to Iacon's old Grand Stade d'Iacon (Grand Stadium of Iacon - FR.). Before joining the Autobots, The Soccertobots used to be athletes who specialized in track (the same as F1/Stock Racing), soccer, baskettrek (Basketball - Cyb.), and an equivalent of American football. Today they were working on the art of speed fighting (street- & dogfighting meets auto racing).

"Ready, guys?" asks an eager Goalkeeper.

"Whenever you are," his four troops respond.

At that moment, the five start around the track. As forwards, Eastside and Westside take the lead easily. Following close up behind them is Midfielder. Bring up the rear are Flankwatch and Goalkeeper.

After a lap, Goalkeeper signals for the opponent drones to be let onto the track. As per his specifications, these drones are far smarter than ones he uses for extra teammates. In fact, these have an intelligence level of 7.

"Here they come, guys." exclaims Westside, in his Puerto Rican-like accent. "Let's leave 'em in our vapor trails!"

These drones seemed so different from those they used before. Not only were they catching up, but they looked like high performance sports and racing vehicles from Earth (Thanks to Chronicle, they should. She designed them from the stolen car modes of the Stunticons.). One resembled a Porsche 928, another looked like a Ferrari 308, the third looked like a Lamborghini Countach LP500S, the fourth was a 3-axled Formula 1 racer, and the last was an 18-wheeler with enough strength to plow Iacon a new subway. The Ferrari wasted no time trying to plow Flankwatch into the track's outside wall. Sparks flew for 200 feet. He quickly responded by snaking an lugnut remover out of his spoiler and into the Ferrari's wheel. 10 seconds later, a grey blur was spinning off the track with a loose wheel following it. Suddenly, the other cars were racing past him.

"That's okay," Flankwatch said. "this is where I do my best work."

He then fired razor-sharp darts into the inside back wheels of the 18-wheeler's trailer. Pieces of the flats came flying back at him. Flankwatch frantically tried to dodge flying retreads.

"Not bad," replied Westside. "but this is better." With that he drove up to white Lamborghini, transformed and dropped a grenade painted like a soccer ball on its rear-installed hood. transformed back into a vehicle and took off. The resulting explosion slowed the car down. It pulled over to the right of the Ferrari.

Suddenly the 18-wheeler called out "Phase 2." With that, he pulls over behind the others. The first two cars turn into legs, the 18-wheeler into a body. Finally the last two jump to the top of the monstrousity and turn into arms. A head then rises and its eyes glow red. The Soccertobots look in awe at what will be the future warrior, Menasor.

"No problem," shouted Goalkeeper. "Reply with our phase 2!"

With that, the five athletes transformed and leaped into the air. Flankwatch and Midfielder became legs, followed by Goalkeeper forming the head, torso, and thighs, and Eastside and Westside making out arms for the leviathan they were about to become... FORWARDIAN [unofficial name.]!

This new colossus began by tackling the potential threat to 1986. The Menasor clone responded by firing shots from its wrist mounted tailpipe guns. Forwardian rose from the ground and threw 3 soccer ball disguised grenades (The Soccertobots "regulation-size" ammunition) at his opponent. As the simulated enemy charged at Forwardian, he connected with several shots from Goalkeeper's auto-rifle and took care of what was left with a swipe of its ________ (axe or scimitar). The components disassembled into its 5 respective vehicles and instantly became what looked to be $920,000 dollars worth of damage and 50 years raise in insurance premiums.

"Oh well, that does it," exclaimed Goalkeeper. "8 1-mile laps and practice is over. Oh yeah... on foot!"

This addition was followed by groans from Eastside and Flankwatch.

"For that," replied Goalkeeper. "you two may have 9 laps."

"Yes, sir."

Following Solar Phœnix's hunch, the group of Autobots drove towards the source of the mysterious sandstorm. After all, how could a weather condition known for occuring in deserts appear in the middle of a mountain range? They traveled through the mountains for about 4 miles. When they reached the source, They discovered a Transformer who looked like the Decepticon officer Blitzwing (which is strange because he's been missing for 4,000,000 Earth years). Finally they confronted him.

"Autobots," the mysterious figure shouted. From there he sounded all too calm. "Or Broadcast, Gen. Autobahn Lee, Jackpot, Joyride, Forecast, Overdrive, Downshift, Camshaft, Desirée, Chronicle, and Solar Phœnix to be more precise. I may have to even catch a breath after all that."

"A breath?" asked Camshaft.

"Yes," replied the mysterious warrior. "doesn't everyone take one?"

"What's your game and who are you?" asked Broadcast. "I am Desert Thunder," he answers again. "the most popular bounty hunter on Cybertron. Any other questions?"

"What do you know about the mutant camp?" asked Chronicle.

"Ah," replied Desert Thunder. "then you have seen my work?"

At this point it took all of the robotic Autobots to hold Overdrive and Desirée back from tearing him apart. The other Omnibots couldn't help sympathizing with their two friends.

"So you want at me then," said Desert Thunder. "fine. But I'm afraid that these guys will have to disagree. Mes amis, advance!"

At this point, 10 Decepticon warriors come out of hiding and attack the astonished Autobots. Overdrive threw up a psychic barrier long enough for the others to get ready to counterattack. Within seconds, they were ready to put up a proper fight.

"Camshaft," called out Joyride. "you're the specialist in this field. Any suggestions?"

"Just one," replied Camshaft. "Let me and my missile launcher take the point and you guys take care of what's left."

With that, the barrier lifted and was replaced with the weapons fire of 11 Autobots blazing. Camshaft's launcher easily took out Finback, Iguanus, and Triggerhappy. Broadcast and General Lee easily felled Apparition and Skullgrin. Misfire, Apeface, and Desert Thunder strafed the ground in their aerial modes. While Forecast and Jackpot provided anti-aircraft fire, Joyride leaps aboard Misfire and ride him like a wind-surfboard into Apeface and barely misses Desert Thunder. Downshift launched two plasma shells at Spinister. They connected with destructive results. The fighting was starting to get monotonous.

["Instruments of Destruction" playing in background.]
"Enough of all this B.S.," Overdrive shouted to Desert Thunder. "You went an' started this mess, well we're here to clean it -- and you up."

"So you want it me then," replied Desert Thunder. "let's see well you handle me by yourself. Advance, foolish Autobot. See much time you'll last against the desert's thunder!"

"Like the ladies always say, 'I'll last long enough to get the job finished right'." replied Overdrive as he charged towards the Triple Changer.

Desert Thunder replied to his charge by sending a small tornado his way. Overdrive used telekinetic powers to split it in two. The bounty hunter then tried to hurl 100 mph winds at his oncoming opponent. The Omnibot rushed right through them. Then the two were soon engaged in hand-to-hand combat. They fought non-stop for about 3 minutes until a winner was starting to be noticed.

"Sorry to end things so soon, but I have important things to do," said Desert Thunder as he transformed into a tank. He then fired an explosive mortar shell at Overdrive.

"You know what, you low-down, cheating, sorry-tailed, good-for-nothing, disillusioned, `ho'?" asked Overdrive to his opponent as he telekinetically stopped the tank shell. By now everyone was watching the big fight. "so do I."

He then turned the shell around and threw it back at the bounty hunter. It exploded and threw the tank into the air several feet where he transformed back into his robot mode and landed flat on his back. Everyone presumed Desert Thunder was unconscious if not deactivated. As the Omnibots crept closer, Desert Thunder slowly crawled up to his feet. His armor was severly cracked in several places. By now all of his Decepticon allies had fled. Only the Autobots remained.

[End playing of "Instruments of Destruction."]
"I-I... f-found this wh...whole situation...n quite in...n...teresting," said a badly weakened Desert Thunder as he removed a helmet and his shattered lower arm pieces.

Underneath his armor was a dark-skinned humanoid. To everyone's astonishment, Desert Thunder was really a mutant!

"You mean this P. O. S. is one of us?" asked Desirée, who was charging up plasma blasts in her fists. Overdrive, Desirée, Downshift and Camshaft began to remove their helmets and faceplates.

"Take that!" she yelled as she released a full-powered blast. It shattered his chest plate. "Hold up, it's time for you to get some more!"

Desert Thunder was fearful for his life as the woman began to release another blast and her teammates used what restraint they could to hold her back and keep from joining her.

"Des," shouted Downshift. "This is not the way!"

"But he helped wipe out everyone I... we held dear," said Desirée with tears building in her eyes. "our families, our friends..."

"Yes...," replied Downshift, whose eyes flashed a bright blue. "but taking one's life out of revenge is wrong. It takes us down to his level."

Desirée thought about it for awhile while Desert Thunder was sweating at a tremendous rate. She finally made her decision.

"FINE! get this trash outta my face," shouted Desirée as she released her blast only inches away from the bounty hunter's crotch. "If any one of us ever sees you again, I guarantee you it will get personal."

Desert Thunder turned pale as he saw her shoot. The Omnibots then walked back over to the other Autobots, who were still watching this display take place.

"Ready to return to base?" asked Downshift.

"Uhh... yeah," replied a confused Gen. Autobahn Lee. "Autobots, transform and roll for home."

As the Autobots drove off, Desert Thunder heard a strange noise coming from the remainder of his armor.

"Waistplate humidity at 100%," said a computer voice. "Waistplate is damp in front. Reproductive shielding is very damp in front. Change reproductive shielding. Clean and dry waistplate."

The Autobots and Omnibots drove back towards their secret underground headquarters. Several of them pondered over the events that occured a few minutes ago.

"So guys," started Jackpot. "exactly what did you accomplish back there?"

"Our accomplishment was letting that traitor know that we are better than him," replied Downshift. "we got to vent out our frustrations and to show him that we will not condone such pratices. Even if he doesn't clean up his act, he will think more than twice about commiting such attrocities against his own people."

"And if he don't," added Overdrive, "he knows that we'll find him and kick the heck out his tail lights. Desirée, you did a great job."

"Thanks," replied Desirée. "Now that everything's over with, I think that we should stay part of the Autobots. What about y'all?"

The other Omnibots reply with shouts of "good idea" or "right on".

"Great!" shouted Jackpot. "Let's hurry home cause I wanna beat somebody at cyber-poker and I don't care whose butt it is." The scene is ended with the heroes driving home laughing and talking amongst one another.

["Transformers (The Movie) Theme" performed by Lion played during end credits with new & old clips.]

You are the th person to be mystified by this story.

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