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Welcome to Autobot City!

Everything you wanted to know about Autobot City and Metroplex.

The Ark. Original home on Earth to the Autobots (and temporary staging ground for the Maximals).

We are under construction at this moment. Please stand by for further details.

Note to self: DO NOT invite Megatron over again. He has this habit of making a mess!
Things NOT to do while visiting Autobot City.
The Autobot District is a small piece of land granted by the United States Government in 1998 for Autobot colonization. It sits in between southwestern Chattanooga, Tennessee and northern Lookout Mountain.
Location: Tennessee face of Lookout Mountain. Autobot City is the seat of the county-sized Autobot District.
Size: Approx.: 7 sq. mi.
Standing Viceroy/Chief Ambassador: Ultra Magnus
Human Population: 2.6 Million (district); 1.5 Million (city)
Autobot Population: 8,000 (district); 7,500 (city)

  • Metroplex "himself". Built out of Autobot City's old downtown district after the Battle of Autobot City (2005), Metroplex stands as a ever-vigilant and mobile reminder of the importance of urban defense.
  • Transformation Tower. A near-exact replica of San Francisco's Transamerica Tower made to match Autobot City's color scheme. This is one of Autobot City's greatest centers of interplanetary commerce.
  • University of Autobot City. Either called "U.A.C." or "UNIVAC" by its student body, This school of higher learning is one of the finest in a 200-mile radius. It boast various specialties (law, architecture, engineering, mathematics, criminology, etc.), and has the finest robotics program in North America. The university's mascot is the Accumulator (represented by a human-scaled robot with a "plus or minus" symbol and "UNIV.A.C." painted on a large storage compartment in his chest).
  • Autobot City Stadium. In close proximity to Univ. A.C. and Metroplex Boulevard, this playing field is home to Autobot City's own soccer and American football teams, the Warriors.
  • Lookout Mountain. This mountain has been here long before the Autobots and provides a perfect overview of the whole Autobot District and the surrounding area. It is still believed that you can see 7 states from its summit. Now that the Autobot District is here, make that 7 states and 1 ambassadorship.
Horizontal: 57%
Vertical: 43%
White Light is used to signal city transformations to prevent unnecessary deaths.
Red: Stop
Blinking Red: Come to complete stop before proceeding.
Yellow: Caution
Blinking Yellow: Be cautious while driving through an intersection.
Green: Go or Proceed
(Blinking) Red & White: Above, Beside, or Underneath transforming section of city. Move quickly or get squished!
Blinking Yellow & White: City is in process of transforming. Find safe area immediately!

Autobot City (and outer district):
Downtown: Light Cyan (224,255,255) on Black.
Other: White on Green (0,128,0).
White(?) on Dark Green (0,48,0) or Dark Blue (0,96,0).

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